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Why KiddieArts Franchise?
Is this right for ME?
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logoYour search for the right opportunity to invest into children education gets over at KiddieArts. We offer you satisfaction, by giving you an opportunity to contribute in shaping the students’ creativity. Be a part of one of the most innovative programs of Art and Craft at KiddieArts that enhances the creative side of children.

The virtual brochure will give you the detailed information of our products and services.

Why KiddieArts Franchise?

1. Company Profile

WhyMMMA-FranT4KiddieArts, a catalyst to creativity, is a wing of Master Mind Tutorials Pvt. Limited, an ISO certified company and has been working in the field of children education since the year 1996. It is a research driven company striving to provide innovative and cost-effective education programs to children.

We are a professionally managed company, aligned with a passion for excellence. Our team work has been the key to success for our consistent growth ever since last 17 years.

2. KiddieArts Program

The Art and Craft program offered by KiddieArts emphasizes on augmenting the creativity in young children. Our expert Artists understanding the importance of art in the life of children, have designed a program that is suited to foster the artist in them. This program is based on imparting absolute practical training to the participants for ensuring enough opportunity to “do it yourself,” thus learn and retain for a lifetime.

KiddieArts program imbibes in every child the very basics of drawing, painting, coloring and crafting skills. Our skilled trainers guide the students throughout every module to expertise them in unique artistic skills.

3. Training

Training teachers is the key to success for KiddieArts program. We provide one-to-one training sessions for each course.

Refresher trainings are conducted periodically to help teachers update themselves on the knowledge and developments.

This enables the teachers to deliver best to their students.

Apart from this, the various other types of training provided to the franchises for their successful running of business are:

  • Office Management Training: For properly maintaining the records of students, parents, enquiries etc.
  • Marketing Training: To help promote business in the local areas both online and offline
  • ERP training: To manage all the routine and daily business operations and communications with ease.

4. Service, Support and Development

As a KiddieArts franchise, you deserve best service and support, and we are committed to provide the same. These services include:

1. ERP Systems:

WhyMMMA-FranT2The franchisee benefits from the ERP system, through which we offer convenience, in managing a paperless office and saving the Manpower Cost.

The various options available to the franchisees in the ERP system are:

  • Manage all business operations online
  • Update Profile, center details and faculty details
  • Raise a complaint directly to the concerned departments
  • Register trainers and students and track their progress
  • Track the dispatch status of the franchise kit
  • Get Training Updates
  • Online Certification
  • Online Billings etc.

2. 24X7 Helpdesk:

The helpdesk offers 24X7 help to the Franchisees for any issues, and ensures that it is resolved within 24 hrs. This can be done directly by communicating to the concerned departments like Stock Department, Marketing Department, Training Department, and Post Franchise Department etc.

3. Post Franchise Operations Department:

Our specialized Post Franchise Operations Department is responsible to grow our Franchisee from a seed to plant. The major services include ERP training, Course Training, Domain creation, Certification and Material Dispatches etc.

Post Franchise Department provides long-term support and constantly updates the franchises about the latest advancements, facilitates the franchise to conduct demos/seminars and various other cost-effective activities to promote their business.

4. Individualized website:

The Franchise gets a dynamic website in his own unique domain name. An individual website lets you to promote your business online over the internet platform and also on the social networks like facebook, LinkedIn and twitter etc. It is beneficial for driving traffic and converting the prospective into customers.

5. Franchisee kit:

The kit contains counseling folder, flex, pamphlets, visiting cards, and other promotional material to promote business in the local area.

6. Training Kit:

The Kit contains all the materials for the teachers training. The training kit includes course materials in the form of books to get methodical understanding about the subject to be taught to the students.

5. No Royalty

WhyMMMA-FranT5The “Zero royalty” formula is an important aspect for structuring long-term business relationships with the Franchises.

KiddieArts does not charge any royalty from the Franchises, which ensures better Return on Investment (ROI) and Break Even Point (BEP) of the business is attained in shorter time frame.

The hassles of paperwork by the Franchise for royalty calculation are eliminated, without causing misunderstanding and misplacement of records.

Is this right for ME?

1. Do I have the passion for teaching?

If you have an enthusiasm for teaching small kids and have the passion of owning your own business in the education sector then, KiddieArts help you fulfill all your dreams. It also helps you to become an agent of change for children in your community.

2. Do I have the passion to own a business?

By being a KiddieArts franchise, you will have innumerable benefits from the association. Being the owner and administrator of the center you will earn profits along with satisfaction and society’s appreciation.

3. Do I have the Financial Capability?

Definitely yes! The best thing about KiddieArts Franchise is that it needs only a small capital investment for starting up your business. Also you get a world class support system from the company in return of your efforts to establish your center with no additional charges.

4. Do I have a space?

A minimum space of 250 square feet is required to accommodate a classroom and counseling area. This space can be either in a residential area or a market place, which is easily reachable for students and parents.

5. Do I have the required patience to wait till the business starts generating profits?

Every business in its initial stages requires efforts for promotion and to acquire identity among masses. Patience is required from the owners’ side for at least 6 months after which they will start gaining profits.

6. Do I have the necessary computer skills?

Basic computer literacy is required to run the business which will help you keep the track records and maintain proper data of students. Knowledge of MS-Office becomes highly advantageous for the franchises.

The ERP training is provided online and so having knowledge about computers and internet becomes mandatory. Also, internet knowledge can help you promote the business through social networks etc.

Initial Investment

InitialInvestmentThank you for your interest in KiddieArts franchise. The initial investment may vary as per the area/country chosen for setting up a franchise. Please fill the following enquiry form and our team will get back to you soon with all the required details specific to your area.

Approval Process

1. Franchise Enquiry Form

  • Fill up the Franchise Enquiry Form
  • Thereafter our executives will guide you through the franchise process
  • All terms and conditions are discussed and mutually agreed for the tenure.

2. Online Registration Process

  • Once you have agreed to take up a franchise, fill in the franchise registration form along with payment details.

3. Head Office Approval

  • Head Office approves the registration after thorough checking of all the details submitted and clearance of the financials
  • Franchise Kit and Franchise Agreement are dispatched soon after the completion of all the mandatory formalities.

4. Franchise Panel

  • The franchise panel is allotted to all the franchise post approval
  • Maintenance and management of all records about the center and the students can be done in the panel.
  • This is like a reference directory which can be referred at any point of time in future.
  • It ensures maintaining a paperless office.

5. Training

The training department would contact you soon after you sign the franchise agreement and will provide training on-

  • Academics
  • Class conduction
  • Counseling
  • ERP
  • Marketing
  • Center Management

1. How are the franchises appointed by KiddieArts?

The Franchise of KiddieArts is given to the person having the passion to excel in children education, has a go-getter, and is willing to do the business for a long-term.

The most eligible is a person with excellent management skills and is willing to adapt himself as per the need of the company.

2. What is the duration for which a franchise is given?

The franchise is given for 5 years initially, after which it can be renewed.

3. What support will I get from your end if I take up a franchise?

We would be providing you with-

• Training

Academic Training/Refresher Training

Product Training

Marketing Training

Counseling Training

• ERP Franchise Panel

For updating all information related to center, trainer, faculty or student

Update/Order stock (e.g. franchise kit, training kit) and track its status

Online certification and training

Raising a complain directly to the respective department

Online Billings

• Post Franchise Operations Department

Organizing all type of trainings and demos

Designing strategies for promoting the center

Scheduling yearly activities

Providing certificates like Trainers certificate, Authorization certificate, Student’s certificate etc.

Supplying franchise kits, student’s kits, educational materials and other promotional materials regularly

Ongoing guidance and support

without any additional charges.

4. How much can I earn?

The earning of the Franchisee will be directly proportional to the number of students enrolled for the KiddieArts course. The Franchisee’s effort in getting the students will decide the amount of earning.

5. Do I have to be skilled in Arts to become a trainer?

You need not be skilled in Arts but you have to be creative. Your ability of communication and teaching skills will be more important for your success.