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1. How are the franchises appointed by KiddieArts?

The Franchise of KiddieArts is given to the person having the passion to excel in children education, has a go-getter, and is willing to do the business for a long-term.

The most eligible is a person with excellent management skills and is willing to adapt himself as per the need of the company.

2. What is the investment amount required to take up a franchise?

The initial investment may vary as per the area/country chosen for setting up a franchise. Please fill the following enquiry form and our team will get back to you soon with all the required details specific to your area.

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3. What is the duration for which a franchise is given?

The franchise is given for 5 years initially, after which it can be renewed.

4. What support will I get from your end if I take up a franchise?

We would be providing you with-


  • Academic Training/Refresher Training
  • Product Training
  • Marketing Training
  • Counseling Training

ERP Franchise Panel

  • For updating all information related to center, trainer, faculty or student
  • Update/Order stock (e.g. franchise kit, training kit) and track its status
  • Online certification and training
  • Raising a complain directly to the respective department
  • Online Billings

Post Franchise Operations Department

  • Organizing all type of trainings and demos
  • Designing strategies for promoting the center
  • Scheduling yearly activities
  • Providing certificates like Trainers certificate, Authorization certificate, Student’s certificate etc.
  • Supplying franchise kits, student’s kits, educational materials and other promotional materials regularly
  • Ongoing guidance and support

without any additional charges.

5. How much can I earn?

The earning of the Franchisee will be directly proportional to the number of students enrolled for the KiddieArts course. The Franchisee’s effort in getting the students will decide the amount of earning.

6. How much area is allocated to a franchise for its functions?

The area of operation for a Unit Franchisee is within 1 km radius, and for its operations in the schools, the area is not defined.

7. Can I own more than one franchise?

Yes, you can own more than 1 center. In case the 2nd center is within your radius of the 1st center, extension Franchisee fee is chargeable.

If the 2nd center is outside the defined area of the 1st center a new Franchisee fee is applicable for the same.

8. I am a house-wife. Can I own a franchise?

If you have the passion for teaching children and want to start your own education center, we will help you achieve your goals.

9. Do I have to be skilled in Arts to become a trainer?

You need not be skilled in Arts. Your ability of communication and teaching skills will be more important for your success.