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1. How do you define “creativity”?

Creativity is the ability to think uniquely and express those thoughts in an unusual manner. Creativity is the use of one’s imagination to develop something that is fresh and new. Creativity is a trait and it can be nurtured.

2. What are the benefits of KiddieArts program to my child?

The benefits of the program are:

Color-palette-icon-1005032014 Opportune kids to blossom in arts and other creative fields

Color-palette-icon-1005032014 Expresses feelings, either with or without words

Color-palette-icon-1005032014 Allows creative thinking to apply into practice

Color-palette-icon-1005032014 Develops observation and presentation skills

Color-palette-icon-1005032014 Imbibes better concentration and ability to focus

Color-palette-icon-1005032014 Improves emotional stability

Color-palette-icon-1005032014 Promotes advance use of brain functions

Color-palette-icon-1005032014 Boosts confidence

Color-palette-icon-1005032014 Provides a sense of achievement and satisfaction

3. Can this program help my child in school?

Definitely yes! As we said, we enhance the child’s creativity. The workshop enables a child to develop high level of concentration and also the confidence to deliver the best. This allows your child to become more presentable.

4. At what age can my child start?

Absolutely at any age (between 4 to 15 years).

5. My child is bad at drawing and craft. Can KiddieArts help?

Yes it can. Our ‘Starters’ program starts with the very basics of drawing. Our trainers start from scratch and give complete attention to your child. As the training proceeds to Groundbreakers, Pioneers & Artisans you would notice a big transformation in your child’s skills.  

6. How is KiddieArts different from others?

Kiddiearts is different as the entire program has been structured by studying the behaviors and interest of thousands of school going children. Our experienced instructors have focused on the minutest needs of children and then have designed the lessons to train students stepwise. The Students Training Kit and classroom sessions deliver simplified, interesting, stress-free and refreshing ambiance.