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No child should ever be devoid of creativity
Every child deserves to learn the art of being Artistic
Art is everywhere. It’s all about exploring it
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Art is a child's treasure that lives with it for a lifetime
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Being an artist is not a ‘choice’,
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KiddieArts is a program that aims on exploring the aesthetic and creative treasures within children. Our indigenous program accentuates on expanding the creative horizons of kids, along with giving them an identity of artisans.

Polishing the power of imagination in children and converting it into novel arts is our forte. We encourage children to learn artistic ways of presenting their ideas.

It is a proven fact that even before a child begins to speak, its state of mind can be gauged through its scribbles on walls or papers. As stated by the experts of KiddieArts, “Art is a subtle expression of one’s thoughts.”

We make our students standout among the crowd for their creative abilities, not only in the World of Art, but also in the entire journey of learning and education.

The Big Show of KiddieArts

They MAKE it…

Children at KiddieArts are taught finer details of drawing, painting, art and craft. They learn to draw shapes, use colors combinations, cut and paste materials and just MAKE a classy art out of it. Each level precedes a step ahead towards creativity and kids continue to craft state-of-the-art designs in every class, throughout the course.

They TAKE it…

Each session of KiddieArts allows the student to TAKE home a new creation every time. Our curriculum is structured in a way to ensure that the child never returns home empty handed from the class. The child will always have a fresh piece of self created artifact to carry to its place and flaunt to his parents and friends.


As the students of KiddieArts learn to make something new in each and every class, they are happy to TREASURE all their artwork and decorate their homes. These exhibits in their homes continue to inspire their artistic instincts. This treasure helps enhance the knack for creativity and innovation among the children.

They SHARE it…

Kids gain immense confidence when they SHARE their artistic knowledge with their peers. Self-made objects of art learnt at KiddieArts allow the kids to gift or share it with friends and show them their love. These giving away of presents not only has a personal touch, with a high level of satisfaction but also imbibes the quality of sharing.

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